Groomed Ski Trail

Cross Country Skiing
The snow is still thin, but we have had just enough to get out with the rollers and compactors. Tomorrow morning looks like rain, but it should transition over to snow in the afternoon. Depending on what time that actually happens, we will either be out grooming again on Wednesday night, or Thursday morning. It really will be an hour by hour decision.

If you do decide to come out and ski, check at the kiosk and we will try to let you know which trails are open. And, bring your rock skis!

Fat Biking
The fat bike trails are in great condition. The little snow that we do have is being packed by bikers, and we will be snowshoeing some places where the snow is a little heavier. As soon as we get a couple more inches of snow, we will be out grooming withe the snowmobile and fat bike trail groomer.

There really isn’t enough snow to warrant strapping on a pair of snowshoes, so people are welcome to come out and hike. Please do not walk on the ski trails as we are working hard to keep what little base we have in skiing condition.

Freshshly-groomed trail at WinMan

Some sections of the trail are in great condition!

WinMan Trails groomed ski trail

Dirt patches showing through some places where the snow is particularly thin.