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Merry Christmas Eve!
Slowly but surely, the snow has started to add up. Yesterday started out with 36 degrees and rain, but the temps dropped last night and the rain turned to snow!
//Fat Biking//
There hasn’t been so much snow to where you can’t ride, but there will be some fresh snow in places. So set your tire pressure on the low side, no more than 6 lbs. We will likely be grooming the for the first time this afternoon, but in the meantime expect varying conditions.
//Hiking and Snowshoeing//
With the rain yesterday afternoon, then freezing rain, then snow, the snowshoe trails will likely have canceled icy spots. So, for the best experience, and safety, strap on your snowshoes! Also, please DO NOT walk or snowshoe (except where designated) on the ski trails. We have been working very hard to get them into condition for skiing, and foot prints quickly undo our efforts.
We’re not going to lie. It’s rough out there. But we’ve been grooming for the past two days, and we’re out early this morning to smooth things out the best we could. Sadly, there isn’t enough snow to set tracks yet. No matter what, we recommend rock skis and at this point, we’re thankful to be able to ski at all. All of you who have been doing their snow dances, please keep it up. It appears to at least be starting to work! And as always, we would like to thank everyone who has donated to WinMan. It’s your time, money, energy, and creativity that keep us going!
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