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Trail Report: 02-05-21

By WinMan Trails | February 5, 2021

As expected we got some great snow last night, probably close to 12 inches! So our fat bike and ski trail groomers were out pretty much all night. It starts with rolling, then the final grooming starting at 4 a.m. It makes for a long night, but when Mother Nature calls, we answer! The trails…

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Weekender Report: 02-03-2021

By WinMan Trails | February 3, 2021

Okay WinMan Weekenders, it’s looking like this one will be for the adventurous and the die hards. Our first real winter storm is posed to drop 6″ – 8″ of snow throughout Thursday, and ending early Friday morning. Which is great! Even though our groomers have been working miracles with the snow we have, it…

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Trail Report: 01-29-21

By WinMan Trails | January 29, 2021

Another great weekend is on deck here at WinMan Trails. Everything is in great condition, and we will have the campfire ready and waiting for you. //Skiers// The trails keep getting better and better!Our groomers, Brad and Nick, have been hard at it. They went out Thursday night to get a head of the cold…

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Snowshoers at WinMan Trails

Trail Report: 01-21-21

By WinMan Trails | January 21, 2021

All of our Winter trails are open and in great conditions. We have been getting just enough snow, and just the right temperatures. Some colder overnight temperatures are forecast for the weekend, and we will of course be out grooming, so the trail conditions should get even better over the next couple of days. Photo:…

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Trail Report: 12-30-2020

By WinMan Trails | December 30, 2020

With the weekend coming up fast, it was great to get 3″ – 4″ of snow last night! We have been able to get out and work on all the trails, so the trail conditions should be fantastic – whether your skiing, snowshoeing or fat biking! //Skiers// The groomers got out early every to take…

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