Our Trails have held up surprisingly well over the last couple of weeks, but this may be the last weekend.

Skiers can expect much of the trail to be in really good shape, but depending on the time of the day, you can expect either a few icy patches, such or even standing water. Mornings will definitely be the best. Our groomers went out early Friday morning and were able to get the skate deck in really goos shape. The classic tracks couldn’t be reset because the snow is just too thin. The best thing to do now is leave them alone.

Snowshoers can expect similar conditions to skiers. Some of the hills are a bit icy, so bring some hiking poles and take it easy!

Fat Bikers will only be able to ride in the morning. The trails get too soft and and the exposed sections will get muddy. So to protect the trails we will be closing them in the afternoons, or as soon as the temperatures require us to.