Fatbike trail update: I finally got a chance to check out the fatbike trails today and they are beautiful…for snowshoeing…but are totally unrideable for fatbiking. With the amount of snow, drifting and crustiness it would be pointless to try to run the Snowdogs until we can get the trails packed down. The best way to do this is to snowshoe them in and then once there’s a relatively firm, flat base I can start running the dogs with the groomer. Want to help? Grab your snowshoes and come on out. I’ll have a trail list on the counter with tick marks on how many times the trail has been stomped. Pick a trail with the least amount of tick marks, stomp it and tick it off when you get back. I figure each trail will need to be stomped 8-12 times before I can attempt to groom it.