Trail Update – Saturday, February 9th – All Trails

Weekend update: As most of you know, we are hosting the freestyle leg of the Turtle River Pursuit at WinMan on Sunday. This will have some impact on the trails and facilities:

Today (Saturday): All trails and the chalet are open as usual. We will be doing work on the trails setting the course and doing more lopping thought the day – watch for us. At some point this afternoon, we will be ripping out the track on the 11k race course – this will have some impact on all of the ski loops for classic skiers. Tonight, we will do final grooming and track-setting and all ski trails will be closed to non-participants until after the race.

Sunday: The main parking lots will be closed to everyone (except volunteers) until after the event. Participants and spectators should park at the North Lakeland Discovery Center. There will be shuttle buses running between the Discovery Center and WinMan throughout the event.

The freestyle leg will start at 9am. The ski trail will be closed during the event to non-participants. The fatbike and snowshoe trail will be open to spectators and would be a good way to access different areas of the ski course to cheer on the racers (follow the link below for access points). If you chose to fatbike or snowshoe during the event, please watch out for skiers when crossing the ski trail.

Once the last skier starts the race, we will sweep the course. We estimate we will be done at 1pm. At that point, the trails we be reopened.…/TRP-WinMan-Snowshoe-Access.pdf