Trail update: The snowshoe and ski trail was groomed first thing this morning and the ski trail was trackset. While Justin and I were grooming the ski trail, Tom, Joe, Laurie, Fitz, Christa and my wife Alison where stomping the fat bike trails that didn’t get packed yesterday.

What a difference that made – it was so much easier to get down them. This afternoon everything got packed twice and we ran the groomer down Demo, Bridge, the Twins, Trial & Air, Yellow to Cut-Off, Cut-Off, the Hub and the Green Trail. What’s left to do is the rest of Yellow, Jump Line and Roller Creek and I’ll get to those in the morning.

It looked like the trail was setting up nicely but no idea on how it will ride. If you try it and are struggling and leaving ruts please turn around and go for a snowshoe. If you ride off the track or try to put you foot down outside the track, you are going down – the snow is almost waist deep on the edges.