With the weekend coming up fast, it was great to get 3″ – 4″ of snow last night! We have been able to get out and work on all the trails, so the trail conditions should be fantastic – whether your skiing, snowshoeing or fat biking!
The groomers got out early every to take advantage of the fresh snow. They have been leveling the trail, and setting track for the classic skiers. The trail is shaping up nicely, and we have lifted our rock ski recommendation.
//Fat Bikers//
We have been out grooming for about a week now, and already have a great base. The snow tapered off around 8am, so by Wednesday afternoon, they should be hardened up. We will groom again on Wednesday night, and by Thursday morning they should be dialed in.
Our recent snow has really made WinMan into a Northwoods wonderland. Our groomed, double-wide trails are perfect for getting some outdoor exercise with friends and family. Please remember to wear snowshoes, as boots will posthole (damage) the soft or freshly-groomed trails.
Thank you all for continuing to support WinMan Trails. This year, because of your donations, we have been able to improve our trails, and grooming operations. And, we are always looking for ways to keep improving.
Freshly-groomed and tracked ski trail at WinMan Fat bikers at WinMan getting ready to head out for a ride