It’s Birkie weekend! Woot woot!!
We have already had quite a few people skiing their virtual Birkies this week, and it’s been great to hear about their routes and adventures here at WinMan. Even though we drew up some routes for people to follow, many of you have picked your own. And we love it!
For any skiers coming this weekend, we recommend getting out early. Even thought the weather is going to be beautiful, with low 40’s foretasted for the afternoon, it’s going to be a little too beautiful!
That has been the trend for the last couple of days. Skiers report that the trails are in great shape, but they start to slow down a bit as warm temperatures set in.
We will be grooming tonight (Friday) so tomorrow morning, with temps in the mid 20’s is going to be absolutely fantastic!
And, we’re not forgetting about the rest of our users. The snowshoe trails are in great shape, and your experience will be less subject to temperatures. But if you come in the afternoon, don’t over dress! We have some hills that will get your heart rate up:)
Fat bikers, our advice is much the same as it is for skiers. Mornings will be better, and afternoons will start to soften up a bit. We are keeping a close eye on the trail and will be grooming as needed to clean up any ruts or damage that occur from riding on soft trail. That being said, please try to get your rides in before the afternoon temps set in.
2021 26k Virtual Birkie Route at WinMan Trails

2021 26k Virtual Birkie Route.

2021 14k Virtual Birkie Route at WinMan Trails

2021 14k Virtual Birkie Route.

2021 43k Virtual Birkie Route at WinMan Trails

2021 43k Virtual Birkie Route.