Another great weekend is on deck here at WinMan Trails. Everything is in great condition, and we will have the campfire ready and waiting for you.
//Skiers// The trails keep getting better and better!Our groomers, Brad and Nick, have been hard at it. They went out Thursday night to get a head of the cold temperatures, and reset all of the tracks and skate lanes. I went out for a quick skate ski on our war-up loop and can report the trails set up great and are are hard and fast this morning. The classic lanes look great as well.
//Fat Bikers// You know, when the trail is more like a sidewalk than a snow-covered mountain bike trail? Well that’s what we have at WinMan right now. These are the best conditions for fat biking, and you won’t need to put a foot down anywhere! Some of our most popular trails are groomed up and waiting for you, including SendIt and the Twins.
//Snowshoers// The snowshoers pictured in this post are Jaenne and Bob Kollmeyer, from Milwaukee, WI. It was nice to chat with them before they headed out on our groomed snowshoe trails. As popular as those trails are, we don’t want you to forget our backwoods Sugar Shack traditional snowshoe trail. The terrain is a bit different back there, and in short order, you will find yourself some Northwoods solitude.
Fat Bikers at WinMan Trails