Summer Newsletter!

Trail Building Updates

Fresh Flow is on the Horizon

We’ve had a fast and furious start to our trail building season thanks to some good weather and a great crew. Our newest trail, Earn It, was completed this week. You now have a fun and flowy ride to the top of our system. This will allow you to session some of our most loved trails including Twins and Earn It.

In fact, we have more projects slated for this building season than we have in years. In order complete all that we have planned, we were able to purchase a new mini excavator. I know at least one person who is stoked to have a new toy…

Joel Kleimola putting the final touches on Earn It

Our next major project is improving navigation at the top our trail system, around the Main Hub. This may cause some temporary re-routes of certain trails. We hope to have this work completed within the next 3 weeks.

You can stay up-to-date with our building schedule and any potential impacts it may have on your visit by going to our website. At the top of the page you will find major announcements and a link to more specific details.

How Can You Help?

There’s no getting around it. Building trails and sharing the exceptional riding experience you have come to appreciate at WinMan takes time, money and effort.

A strong core of volunteers expands opportunities that our small staff simply cannot manage alone. We want to provide opportunities that interest our entire community but I need your feedback. What interests you? Please take this quick, one question survey. Thanks!

1-Question Survey

If you have additional ideas or comments, please email Isaac at

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Even though most of us can now shop in a store in real life, didn’t you kinda get used to direct deliveries? Head to our online apparel shop and get our newest apparel delivered right to your door.

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Poll Results

Thank you to everyone who helped with our polls on Instagram and Facebook. We had more than 250 responses! Your answers and continued feedback truly help guide our decision making process, so keep it coming.

To start, we hear you loud and clear on a few things. Beer and trails are a perfect match, and we need to start working on extending the day to 25 hours so you have more time to visit us. Here are some of the other highlights.

Stay tuned, next week we have some more questions coming your way on our social media accounts. If you enjoy unique experiences and want WinMan to offer something that only we could, let us know!

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