Ski Trails

WinMan Trails is a 501c3 non-profit responsible for building and maintaining our free year-round trail system. We are 100% supported by the generous donations of our users and community.

Please consider donating or becoming a member to support our continued growth and ongoing maintenance so we can continue to deliver an exceptional outdoor trail experience for everyone.

WinMan has 22 kilometers (13+ miles) of ski trails groomed for classic and skate style cross-country skiing. The terrain is rolling, with some fun downhills and challenging uphills, meandering through maple, pine and aspen stands and is designed for all levels of skiers.

NEW this year is a 1.6k Beginner Ski Loop. You can learn more this trail by reading our recent article here.

We also offer 2.9k of backcountry skiing DNR land south of Papoose Lake Road. These trails are flagged and mapped and you can find the map below.

Dogs are welcome on designated trails only (designated with a paw print on the map). We require that dogs either be leashed to their owners or are able to follow voice commands even when distracted. Please be hyper vigilant when leaving the trailhead (A to B) and returning to the trailhead (V-A) and consider leashing your dog in these sections of trail if possible. For our complete dog policy click here but below are the major takeaways.

Dog owners must take responsibility for their animals. This includes:

  • Keeping your dog within your sight and control at all times. If skiing with your dog who is not leashed they must be able to follow voice commands even when distracted.
  • Cleaning up after your dog immediately and properly disposing of bags in a trash can. Mutt Mitts are made available with stations located at the kiosk and the start of our trail system.
  • Keeping dogs on a leash while in the parking lot.
  • Dogs are not allowed within the chalet at any time.

WinMan is excited to announce that we now offer Nordic Rocks classic skis which are completely FREE to use and located in the chalet. Designed for kids ages 6-12, the skis allow kids to wear their normal snow boots thanks to a specially designed binding.