WinMan Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions – Tuesday, January 22nd – All Trails

By webadmin | January 23, 2019

Trail update: We picked up 3-5″ of nice snow today and spent the afternoon/evening grooming all the trail systems and setting fresh track. Trails will set up nicely overnight and will be in great shape for biking, shoeing and/or skiing on Wednesday.

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Trail Conditions – Friday, Jan 18th – All Trails

By webadmin | January 18, 2019

Trail update: Tidied up all of the trails today – ski, shoe, bike – for the weekend. The bike, snowshoe and skate lane of the ski trail are in great shape with a nice, firm base. With the cold temperatures and lack of fresh snow we are not able to reset the ski tracks and…

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Trail Conditions – Monday, Jan 14 – Snowshoe and Ski Trail

By webadmin | January 14, 2019

Trail update: The snowshoe and ski trails were groomed today and tracks were reset. The trails cleaned up nicely and tracks look great. Friday, we finally were able to start packing down the Out-N-Back trail and today we groomed it and set tracks. It’ll take a few more passes before it really sets up but…

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Trail Conditions – Friday, Jan 11th – All Trails

By webadmin | January 11, 2019

Trail update: All three trail systems – ski, bike, shoe – were groomed up before lunch today and are in great shape (the tracks on the ski trail still looked good this morning and we would have only screwed them up if we tried resetting them so we left them alone). Forecast for the weekend…

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Trail Conditions – Thursday, Jan 10 – Fat Bike Trail

By webadmin | January 10, 2019

Trail update: Your donations at work. During our fat bike demo last month, you donated close to $1500 dollars to the trails. With the recent breakdown of our current groomer and the delay in getting replacement parts, we decided to put that money towards the purchase of a second SnowDog so we can get back to grooming…

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Trail Conditions Tuesday, Jan 8 – Fat Bike Trail

By webadmin | January 8, 2019

Trail update: Bad news – the SnowDog that is used for grooming the fatbike trail had a mechanical breakdown today. What was groomed before the issue was the Demo, Bridge, Twins, Yellow trails and half of Jump Line (leaving the Hub, Green, Roller Creek and Trial & Air un-groomed). We should have a fix and trails groomed…

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