WinMan Trail Conditions

Trail Update – Thursday, February 14th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 14, 2019

Trail update: Had both Snowdogs out this morning and it took hours to slog through just the Demo, Bridge, Twins, part of Hub and Trial & Air bike trails. To call them groomed and rideable would be a total lie. We are exhausted and giving up for the day. I’m going to pick up a…

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Trail Update – Tuesday, February 12th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 13, 2019

Trail update: The weatherman just ruined his perfect record – he finally got one right. We have been getting heavy snow all day as predicted – 8+ inches so far and it’s still coming. I packed the snowshoe trail this morning and Justin and I made a lap around the entire ski trail system getting…

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Trail Update – Monday, February 11th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 12, 2019

Trail update: Perfect timing – the snow started just as the last skier came in for the freestyle leg of the Turtle River Pursuit on Sunday. In all, we picked up 3-4″ of fluff and groomed the snowshoe and ski trails and set new track today (the bike trail was not groomed). It sounds like…

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Trail Update – Saturday, February 9th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 9, 2019

Weekend update: As most of you know, we are hosting the freestyle leg of the Turtle River Pursuit at WinMan on Sunday. This will have some impact on the trails and facilities: Today (Saturday): All trails and the chalet are open as usual. We will be doing work on the trails setting the course and…

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Trail Update – Thursday, February 7th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 8, 2019

Trail update: We’ve been getting significant snow all afternoon/evening – 8-10 inches so far – and have been packing the ski trail since 1pm and just came in from grooming and track-setting the entire system. We are still getting snow and the wind has picked up – trails will likely need to be groomed again…

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Trail Update – Wednesday, February 6th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 6, 2019

Trail update: Picked up about 3-4″ of snow between last night and this morning and groomed all the trail systems today. With significant snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow, we did not set track today. Skiing was reported to be very good, fatbiking a little slow and soft.

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Trail Update – Tuesday, February 5th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 5, 2019

Trail update: We got hit with rain and freezing rain overnight that did a pretty good job of glazing up the trails, bringing down a lot of debris and bending branches into the trail. I spent the day cleaning up the ski and snowshoe trails, lopping the most offensive branches (hoping a majority will spring…

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Trail Update – Friday, February 1st – Cross Country Trails

By webadmin | February 1, 2019

Trail update: Time to come out of hibernation – temperatures are back above 0 (and stay above 0 for the next few days), sun is out and trails are in excellent shape. We haven’t picked up any fresh snow since we groomed on Tuesday but I did scratch up the skate lanes this morning.

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Trail Report – Tuesday, January 30th – All Trails

By webadmin | January 30, 2019

Trail update: The fat bike and snowshoe trails were groomed on Monday and the ski trail was groomed and track set today. Trails are in excellent shape and ready for WinMan Wednesday.

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Trail Report – Thursday, January 24th – All Trail Conditions

By webadmin | January 25, 2019

Trail update: Snowed most of the day on Wednesday and picked up even more today so we groomed up all of the trails this morning and reset the track on the ski trails. Trails are in excellent shape, chalet is warm – don’t let the cold temperatures keep you away.

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