WinMan Trail Conditions

Trail Update – Tuesday, March 5th – Fat Bike Trails

By webadmin | March 7, 2019

Fatbike trail update: I finally got a chance to check out the fatbike trails today and they are beautiful…for snowshoeing…but are totally unrideable for fatbiking. With the amount of snow, drifting and crustiness it would be pointless to try to run the Snowdogs until we can get the trails packed down. The best way to…

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Trail Update – Wednesday, March 6th – Ski Trails

By webadmin | March 7, 2019

Trail update: With a light dusting of snow and a windy day yesterday it was time to clean up the ski trails – so we did.

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Trail Update – Saturday, March 2nd – All Trails

By webadmin | March 4, 2019

Trail update: Picked up another 3-4″ of fluff last night – yippee. Just finished grooming all the snowshoe and ski trails and resetting track. Looks like we may be getting a break next week which will give me a chance to evaluate the bike trails and see what it’s going to take to get them…

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Trail Update – Wednesday, February 27th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 28, 2019

Trail update: Picked up a few inches of snow last night/this morning – fortunately it was at the lower end of what we were estimated to get. Ski trails were groomed and track set today. I left the snowshoe trails alone and still haven’t evaluated the bike trails – possibly tomorrow. Skiing should be decent…

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Trail Update – Tuesday, February 26th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 27, 2019

Trail update: We are slowly getting caught up with the weekend blizzard. All snowshoe trails have been rolled and the main loop out of the chalet – WinMan Passage – has been groomed. All of the ski trails have been groomed and we will be setting track tonight on the 2.5k and 6k loops. Another…

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Trail Update – Monday, February 25th – All Trails

By webadmin | February 26, 2019

Trail update: Hard to know exactly how much snow we got this weekend with all the drifting but I’d guess it was 12-15″. We have been rolling trails all day today and will attempt to get some of the ski trails groomed and track set on Tuesday. I plan to look at the bike trails…

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Trail Update – All Trails – Wednesday, February 20th

By webadmin | February 21, 2019

Trail update: Hit again – this time 6″+ and still snowing. We just finished packing and grooming the ski trail but did not set track. They will need to be groomed again tomorrow and will be track set at that time. The snowshoe and bike trails haven’t been groomed. Speaking of the bike trail –…

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Trail Update – All Trails – Tuesday, February 19th

By webadmin | February 19, 2019

Trail update: All the trails were groomed today and the ski trail had fresh tracks put down. Snowshoe trail is in excellent shape and ski trail is in very good shape with just a little softness on the surface. The bike trail is a mixed bag with the shady sections nice and firm and the…

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Trail Update – Fat Bike Trail – Saturday, February 16th

By webadmin | February 16, 2019

Fatbike trail update: I hit the remaining trails that did not get groomed last night – Yellow from Cut-Off to the Hub, Jump Line and Roller Creek this morning. They will likely be soft and challenging to ride today. The trails that were groomed last night have setup nicely with a solid, firm base. There’s…

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Trail Update – All Trails – Friday, February 15th

By webadmin | February 15, 2019

Trail update: The snowshoe and ski trail was groomed first thing this morning and the ski trail was trackset. While Justin and I were grooming the ski trail, Tom, Joe, Laurie, Fitz, Christa and my wife Alison where stomping the fat bike trails that didn’t get packed yesterday. What a difference that made – it…

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