Scout Trail: Designed for All To Enjoy

Scout trail is something entirely unique to the WinMan Trail system and fills a need that exists throughout the mountain bike community. A truly beginner trail route that has something for everyone.

The starting goal with this trail was to create a route that would allow first time riders an opportunity to ease into the sport of mountain biking. Whether that is a child still on a strider bike or an adult new to the sport. Getting a chance to ride through the woods, on dirt, with gentle rollers and easy hills is something everyone should have a chance to experience.

Scout Trail is Easy to Navigate

An aspect of mountain biking that many experienced users take for granted is the intimidation and confusion that can come with navigation. What if I get lost, what if I get on a trail that is too challenging, what if I run out of water? There are endless “what if” questions that can enter your mind.

Our solution: make this a closed loop trail. You enter and exit this trail at the same location and it does not connect with our full trail system. That is intentional.

So whether your a parent and your kids want to “go out on their own” or a new rider yourself, this trail is safe and accessible.

Adaptive and Hand Cycle Friendly

As we started to build, we realized that this trail could provide even more opportunity, for more riders.

Adaptive bikes are becoming more accessible for individuals with a disability. Hand cycling specifically is a growing part of our sport, but finding mountain bike trails built to the specifications necessary for these bikes can be hard.

The design of these bikes means trails must be at least 4 feet wide and any berms, rollers, or transitions need to built in a manner that accommodates their longer wheelbase. Taking this into consideration, we were able to build a trail that does just that.

Skills Features Coming as Part of Phase Two to Scout Trail

Finally, we know that progressions are a natural part of the sport. The great thing about mountain biking is there is almost endless opportunity to improve.

As part of Phase Two of our strategic plan, we will be adding skills features alongside this trail that give all riders a chance to gradually challenge themselves and improve their abilities as a rider. Stay tuned as we release information regarding our Phase Two build out in the coming months.

Now Open

We have opened the first portion of this trail which is just 1/2 mile long. So, come out and see for yourself what we have created and be sure to bring a friend and introduce them to the sport of mountain biking.