Phase One Nearing Completion

If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit WinMan Trails this summer, you’ve seen that we have embarked on some major improvements to our trail system. This flurry of activity is the culmination of 5+ years of work at WinMan and will result in completion of Phase One to our strategic plan. Upon completion we will have 20 miles of purpose built, single track mountain biking.

Phase One formally began in 2015. The whole idea was let’s build it and see if they will come. Well, the resounding answer has been yes. Not only will they come, but they will help to support our trail system.

WinMan is a local non-profit trail system, we are 100% supported by the generous donations of our users. Thank you for your continued support which has helped us get to this point, and is allowing us to look towards the future.

In 2022 we plan to formally begin Phase Two of our strategic vision. The exciting projects and enhancements planned have been greatly influenced by feedback from our users. We will be excited share the details of our vision with you in the coming months. However, before we can begin Phase Two, we need your donations. Please consider donating today.

Recap of Summer 2021 So Far

Let’s catch up on the improvements we’ve made so far in 2021 as we near completion of Phase One.

  1. Built a new trail called Earn It allowing you quick access to the Main Hub and the ability to quickly session popular trails such as Twins and Send It.
  2. Resurfaced WinMan One from the parking lot up to the Main Hub allowing riders of all levels a more enjoyable trail riding experience.
  3. Redesigned the Main Hub concept at the top of our trail system to improve navigation.
  4. Built a new entry into Send It to take full advantage of the terrain and tie the trail into our Main Hub.
  5. Redesigned and rebuilt the start of Red Trail to incorporate more advanced rock features and jumps.
  6. Resurfaced and rebuilt the major berms in the section of WinMan One known as “The Stadium”
  7. Resurfaced and rebuilt the starting portion of Flowage (previously known as Yellow Trail).
  8. Built a section of a new trail called Scout. Read more about Scout and is unique feature here.

Need for Volunteers

We are not done yet, it’s only the beginning of August after all. We still have some trail building and improvements planned for our mountain bike system, but we are starting to look towards preparations for winter too.

Believe it our not, we put several weeks into preparing the snowshoe and ski trails for winter use and will start that process this month. Many of these “behind the scenes” improvements are what allow us to groom the trails as early, and as late, as we do.

If you are interested in volunteering to help us prepare our trails for the winter, or any of our trails for that matter, please fill out this quick 1-question survey.