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2023 WinMan Onewheel Enduro LIVE Race Results

WinMan welcomes the Onewheel community to use our trails.

The majority of our trails are well suited for Onewheels with progressive skills features throughout the property to challenge even the best riders.

We currently offer 22+ miles of trails for you to enjoy.

All trails at WinMan are one-way singletrack which are well mapped and marked. Below you will find our "mountain bike" trail map with all trails open and accessible for use by Onewheels.

The first Saturday every October we also play host to WinMan Midwest Onewheel Enduro. We hope to see you there.

FAQ About Onewheels

1: What trails can they go on? 

Pretty much all of them that most mountain bikers can go on! Onewheelers follow the same trail guidelines and follow the same trail ratings as mountain bikers when it comes to knowing if a trail is up to their skill level. Onewheels can handle most green, blue, and black single diamond trails.

2: Do they damage the trail? 

Nope! Most trail builders welcome and love seeing Onewheels on their trails because it helps with compaction. Onewheels have a wide tire so they don't dig into soft spots, this is especially helpful in the early spring to compact trail after the soft thaw.  Any damage that may occur due to the occasional tire spin or nose dig is often less impactful compared to a mountain bike fall.

3: How do they work (What powers it, how do they go forward and how do you stop)? 

They are powered by an electric motor and internal battery.  The front pad has a sensor that controls the board with your front foot. To go forward you apply pressure and lean forward. To slow down you lean back and apply pressure to your back foot tilting the nose up.

4: How far can they go? 

There are a few different models of Onewheels so the range varies depending on the board. But, on a mountain bike trail, the range varies from 12-24 miles per charge depending on the terrain, model, and person riding it. On the pavement, they can go 16-34 miles. It takes about 2 hours to recharge a board.

5: How fast can they go? 

Onewheels are capable of achieving speeds up to 19 mph (the same as a Class 1 e-MTB). With that being said, the speed Onewheelers go while on a trail depends on the riders skill level, the terrain, trail conditions, and features that come up.  The average speed on a green/blue rated trail for the average skilled Onewheel rider would ride between 8-16 mph (similar to that of a mountain biker).