Mountain Bike Trails

Go with the flow! WinMan currently has almost 20 miles of machine-built flow and cross country trails (and growing!).

The majority of our trails are designed for all levels of riders with features that can be safely navigated by novice riders or ridden aggressively by advanced riders.

More technical features, located to the side of the main trails, keep advanced riders entertained and give novice riders the opportunity to improve their skills when they feel they are ready.

We have another jam packed summer build schedule for our mountain bike trails. Projects we are working on this summer include:

  • Reversing Bridge Trail into a downhill and adding multiple wooden features to have this trail truly live up to its name
  • NEW Build of Rear Hub Return
  • NEW Build of an additional loop onto our very popular Scout Trail
  • Continued improvements to our hub design
  • Finish the end of Roller Creek and WinMan One
  • Incorporate the bridge (that one near Twins you always were curious about) into Red Trail
2022 MTB Final