Hiking and Running Trails

WinMan Trails is a 501c3 non-profit responsible for building and maintaining our free year-round trail system. We are 100% supported by the generous donations of our users and community.

Please consider donating or becoming a member to support our continued growth and ongoing maintenance so we can continue to deliver an exceptional outdoor trail experience for everyone.

We have a new Hiking and Running trail map this year!

With a focus on providing quality trails, we have limited our maintained Hiking and Trail Running routes to just over 6 miles. These trails provide a great escape and a chance to explore nature. Utilizing our ski and snowshoe trails, you will find well marked and mapped trails that make it easy to explore the great outdoors.

The rolling terrain of WinMan makes our trail system a great option if you are training. With an ability to incorporate hill work or longer, uninterrupted stretches, our trails are great for all levels of runners.

The absolute best time to visit and go for a run or hike is in September and October once the bugs have diminished and our beautiful hardwood forest is changing into its Fall colors.

We are committed to providing outdoor opportunities for the entire family. So, even if mountain biking is not for you, lace up a pair of shoes and explore the beauty of our trails.

We ask that you please stick to the trails specifically designated for hiking and trail running and NOT use our trails designated for mountain biking. Thank you!