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Midwest Onewheel WinMan Enduro Race

October 8, 2022 All day

midwest onewheel

We are excited to be partnering with Midwest Onewheel for what is shaping up to be an amazing event. Before we continue, you may be asking what the heck is a Onewheel? It is a little difficult to explain but you can head to the Onewheel website to learn more.

This will be a spectator event with some great opportunities to see some of the best Onewheel riders in the Midwest compete. We encourage you to come out, learn more about the sport, and cheer on the competitors. There are 86 riders from 14 different states competing!

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 7th

  • All Day – Course set up and Practice at WinMan Trails (All segments are recorded on Strava, all trails open for use at WinMan)

Saturday, October 8th:

  • 7am – 8am – Registration (Check in, Sign Waiver, get timing band, get race bib number)
  • 8am – 8:30am – Pre Race Meeting
  • 8am – 11:30am – Tip-Up Takeaways Food Truck
  • 8:30am – 5pm – Enduro Course Open for racing!
    • Pro Men – Start at Segment 3: “3 for 1” at Hub 25
    • Pro Women – Start at Segment 3: “3 for 1” at Hub 25
    • Amateur Men – Start at Segment 2: “Earn it – Send it” at base of chalet
    • Amateur Women – Start at Segment 1: “WinMan One” at Hub 10
    • *Everyone must complete WINMAN ONE trail segment by 1pm – We will move the timing equipment from WinMan One segment to open up Bridge Trail segment.
  • 11am – WinMan Bar and Apparel Shop Opens
  • 1pm – 3p – Onewheel Education and Learn-to-Ride clinic
  • 3pm – 7pm – Winchester Lion Club will be serving brats, hot dogs, burgers, chips and drinks – all proceeds will go towards the amazing work the Lion Club is providing in our community
  • 5pm – 6pm  – Awards/Winners announcements, After Party @ WinMan Park Begins
  • 6pm – 9pm – After Party @ WinMan Trails with fire pits, food, drinks, and a good hang. WinMan Bar will be open with all proceeds going right back to the trails.

Other Things to Check Out:

  • Onewheel raffle (Free GT raffle drawing presented by STOKED and other sponsors – value $2,200)
  • Vendor tents offering merchandise, Onewheel sales and accessories, education and information
  • WinMan Bar and Apparel Shop will be Open from 11am – 9pm
  • Check out the map below for great spots to view the riders as they race
  • All hiking and trail running routes will be open as well as 15 miles of mountain bike trails
    • To access the trail system, you must take WinMan One (Earn It will be closed for the race).
    • To access the Rear Hub you must take Perimeter and return on LAMBO to Front Hub Return
    • To return to the Chalet you must take either Red Trail or Twins
    • The first portion of Roller Creek to the Bottom Bracket is open. To return to the Chalet, take Front Hub Return to either Twins or Red Trail.
Click Here to Download a PDF Copy of the Map

For more information on the race or to register visit: MidwestOnewheel.com

Curious to learn more? Here are some YouTube videos showcasing Onewheels:

FAQ About Onewheels

1: What trails can they go on? 

Pretty much all of them that most mountain bikers can go on! Onewheelers follow the same trail guidelines and follow the same trail ratings as mountain bikers when it comes to knowing if a trail is up to their skill level. Onewheels can handle most green, blue, and black single diamond trails.

2: Do they damage the trail? 

No, not as much as one might assume! Most trail builders welcome and love seeing Onewheels on their trails because it helps with compaction. Onewheels have a wide tire so they don’t dig into soft spots, this is especially helpful in the early spring to compact trail after that soft thaw.  Any damage that may occur due to the occasional tire spin or nose dig is often less impactful compared to a mountain bike fall.

3: How do they work (What powers it, how do they go forward and how do you stop)? 

They are powered by an electric motor and internal battery.  The front pad has a sensor that controls the board with your front foot. To go forward you apply pressure and lean forward. To slow down you lean back and apply pressure to your back foot tilting the nose up.

4: How far can they go? 

There are a few different models of Onewheels so the range varies depending on the board. But, on a mountain bike trail, the range varies from 12-24 miles per charge depending on the terrain, model, and person riding it. On the pavement, they can go 16-34 miles. It takes about 2 hours to recharge a board.

5: How fast can they go? 

Onewheels are capable of achieving speeds up to 19 mph (the same as a Class 1 e-MTB). With that being said, the speed Onewheelers go while on a trail depends on the riders skill level, the terrain, trail conditions, and features that come up.  The average speed on a green/blue rated trail for the average skilled Onewheel rider would ride between 8-16 mph (similar to that of a mountain biker).


October 8, 2022
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WinMan Trails

6870 County Rd W
Manitowish Waters, WI 54545 United States
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