Backcountry Skiing at WinMan Trails

We are excited to introduce a new ski trail offering at WinMan this winter – backcountry skiing. In cooperation with Wisconsin DNR, we have flagged a 3.2K out and back route (1.6K each direction).

The trail begins about 50 feet east of our Papoose Lake Road parking lot. The entrance to the trail is marked with double red ribbon and is on the south side of Papoose Lake Road. The rest of the 1.6K trail is routinely marked with this same, red ribbon.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by beauty of the Northwoods and the quiet serenity of nature. There is little elevation change on the route, making it a great option for anyone with an adventurous enough spirit to give it a try.

Skiing after a new snow is especially scenic, with Northern Wisconsin’s version of “snow ghosts” on full display.

Wide backcountry skis are highly recommended, especially when skiing new snow and breaking trail. Want to see more options like this, let us know. Please share any comments or feedback you have by emailing