About the WinMan Trails

WinMan Trails are a network of silent sport trails located in Winchester, WI. Spanning 1,300 acres of private and public land, the trails offer mountain biking, hiking, classic and skate skiing, winter fat biking, groomed and ungroomed snowshoeing.

In the summer, WinMan Trails offer miles of single-track mountain bike trails that range from beginner to expert in difficulty level.  The trails travel over rolling hills and through pines and hardwood forests.  Tackle fast and flowy trails, a technical downhill, berms, and bridges on this evolving trail system that will continue to expand.

WinMan Trails uses trail counters to gather data about road and trail use. This data helps us to better understand and manage our trails and can also be used when applying for grants and other funding. To learn more about the trail counters we use click here.