Guide to A/B Features at WinMan Trails

There is a lot that makes WinMan Trails a unique mountain biking experience. From our chalet and bike wash amenities to our completely machine built and professionally maintained trails. However, the feature that perhaps stands out the most is our ability to offer a trail riding experience for riders of all levels. We accomplish this by providing what are called A/B features.

What is an A/B feature?

Simply stated, it is two separate routes on the same section of trail. These are intentionally designed ride arounds.

WinMan One Trail

What you may have experienced if you have been riding long enough are trails that did not provide an easier riding option. So riders took it upon themselves to create a route around a feature. While this allowed them to avoid elements they were not skilled enough to ride, it leads to soil erosion and trail breakdown over time.

At WinMan Trails, we intentionally build ride arounds.

What this allows for is safe and natural progressions. First time on one of our trails? Take the easier “B” option the first time through and check out the feature for yourself. With our looped trail system, you can ride that trail section again during your visit, and take the features you know you are ready for.

If the feature looks too challenging than you have an opportunity to progress over time and try it again in the future. This allows you to grow with our system as your skills improve.

Various Abilities on the Same Trail

The other fantastic thing about A/B options is it allows users of various abilities to have a blast on the same trail together.

Maybe you’ve been riding for years and you finally convinced your buddy to give mountain biking a try. Awesome! You and your friend can ride the trails together. You can still ride challenging features that you enjoy while your friend develops their basic abilities as a mountain biker.

Perhaps you have kid that is new to mountain biking. Our trail system is ideal for families. You can spend the day at WinMan Trails and ride as an entire group.

We want to make mountain biking accessible to everyone. From kids new to the sport, to adults trying out trail riding for the first time. Through offering A/B options throughout our trail system, we allow for just that.

Come give our trails a try for yourself and let us know what you think. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well to stay up-to-date with everything happening at WinMan Trails.

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