Okay WinMan Weekenders, it’s looking like this one will be for the adventurous and the die hards. Our first real winter storm is posed to drop 6″ – 8″ of snow throughout Thursday, and ending early Friday morning. Which is great! Even though our groomers have been working miracles with the snow we have, it will be nice to build up the base and flatten the trails even more.
However, some bitterly cold temperatures are coming in right after the snow. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are projected to have lows around -20f and highs around 0. So, if you come to WinMan, please be prepared for the cold. We will have the Chalet open and warmed up for you.
//Skiers// We’re not even going to try and recommend what kind of wax you should use. But, if you had some of Toko’s X-Cold Powder, it would be a good idea to use it less you want static problems. And, if you get the wax right, and you’re ready for the cold, it could make for some great skiing!
//Snowshoers// The fresh snow is going to make for some wonderful shoeing. We don”t have to tell you to bundle up, but bundle up! The cold can get to you fast if you’re not ready for it. A nice thing about WinMan, is that you can choose a shorter loop to be safe. If you are doing well, and staying warm, longer route options will present themselves at intersections throughout the system.
//Fat Bikers// We likely be CLOSING the fat bike trails on Thursday, and Friday morning so that we can groom and allow the soft new snow set up for the weekend. It will be just as cold for you as everyone else, but if you can handle it, the trails will be about as hard and fast as they ever get!