2021 Birkie Update

If you are coming to WinMan to ski your virtual Birkie, we have been getting ready for you!
We have established 43k, 26k and 14k routes. You can pick your own course, but these routes will also be signed. That way you can focus on your skiing and not worry as much about making the right turns!
We will also make sure that everything is groomed, the campfire is stoked and the chalet is warmed up! We have COVID restrictions in place for the chalet (that include no food or drink in the chalet) so please be ready for that.
The weather looks to be great, and we are going to reserve a large portion of our upper parking lot for Birkie skiers, pop-up tents, or tailgating. So hopefully it will enjoyable to picnic outside.

We can’t wait to see all the Birkie skiers come out, and good luck to everyone!

2021 26k Virtual Birkie Route at WinMan Trails

2021 26k Virtual Birkie Route.

2021 14k Virtual Birkie Route at WinMan Trails

2021 14k Virtual Birkie Route.

2021 43k Virtual Birkie Route

2021 43k Virtual Birkie Route.