Ski Trail Announcement: NEW 1.6k Warm-Up Loop

We continue to see more skiers and more families enjoy our trail system each year. Providing a space for the entire family to enjoy, explore, seek adventure, and become better mentally, physically, and emotionally is critical in our planning.

As a result, we are excited to announce the newest addition to our cross-country ski trails – a 1.6k Warm-Up Loop!

Why a Warm-Up Loop?

We’ve had requests from first timers, to competitive skiers, to build a short trail closer to the chalet that everyone can use. Allowing skiers of all abilities a chance to practice skills, warm-up, test their wax or cool down while waiting for friends and family to return to the chalet.

As a result of this feedback, and working with our ski committee this spring, we have identified a route that will meet all these needs. A portion of our current snowshoe trail will be rerouted. Allowing skiers to make a loop and return to the chalet without a need to navigate either of the larger, steeper hills on our system.

1.6k Warm-Up Trail

Skiers will head north from the chalet (same direction as our 2.7k, 7k, and 10k loops), following the beginning portion of the 2.7k loop. There will be a new intersection installed (Post C in the image above) that will allow skiers to return and head back to the chalet. The total distance, leaving and returning back to the chalet, will be 1.6 kilometers.

This trail will give skiers an opportunity to practice every aspect of cross-country skiing. 

  • Turning and edging
  • Weight transfers
  • Climbing 
  • Descending
  • Speed and agility

We hope this trail allows all our skiers – novice or experienced, young and old – a chance to learn and improve their skills.

Come See for Yourself

The trail is almost complete, minus some clean-up and brush work that still needs to occur. Here are some photos of the work completed so far:

Pictures only do so much. We encourage you to come out and walk the trail yourself this Fall.

The improvements begin at the trailhead which was widened to allow for us to set 2-way tracks. The majority of work however occurred on what used to be a snowshoe trail. On our summer hiking map, that is between posts C and D.

PRO TIP: Did you know we offer 6 miles of well marked and mapped hiking, running, and walking trails in the Summer? Late-September to Mid-October is the absolute best time to visit WinMan Trails and experience the changing colors first hand. Click the link below to see a map of the changing colors across the state of Wisconsin.

So What About the Snowshoe Trail?

Glad you asked. We are currently working on a new snowshoe trail which will be ready by the time snow falls.

It will follow the same general path as the old one, so no major navigation changes to worry about. The trail will continue to offer the ability to walk side-by-side as the rest of our “groomed trails” do, so groups and families can get outside and enjoy the woods together.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more exciting updates about trail improvements and events coming your way this Winter!