WinMan Weekender Report

Friday, August 28, 2020 - Trails closed due to rain until Saturday Morning.
With the recent rain, and more expected for most of the day on Friday, we recommend that riders wait until Saturday before riding the trails. It won't take long for them to drain and dry out, and the riding will be fantastic for the weekend!
Our crew has been out working on the the trails all week. Bikers who head out on the Perimeter trail will enjoy some new, filled in and smoothed out riding where the trail treads out on the ski trail. No more mud hazards to negotiate!
WinMan is known for fast and flowy trails. But from time to time, it's worth it to slow down and take in the natural beauty of Wisconsin's Northwoods. There are numerous interesting and even rare plants to notice, and we have plenty of wildlife that you might otherwise miss.
This year in particular, we have seen more frogs than ever before! We have identified several different species. For whatever reason there seem to be a lot of Cope's Grey Tree Frogs, like the one shown below.
And, we have a pair of Broad Wing Hawks! You might get lucky and flush one of them out. But usually, they like to sit on branches overlooking the trails and watch bikers go by. We think they are entertained by us strange, fur-less mammals and the things we do for fun. Either that, or small rodents tend to come out of hiding after bikers go by...
Have you seen any interesting plant or animal species at WinMan? If so, let us know!


  • Over 14 Miles of Flow Trails
  • Designed For All Abilities


  • Over 16 Miles of Trail
  • Rolling Terrain


  • 20k (12+ Miles) of Trails
  • Wax Bench in Chalet
  • Skate & Classic Trails


  • 5 Miles of Trails
  • Groomed Double Wide Trails
  • Ungroomed Single Track Trails
  • *(Kid Friendly)

WinMan Trails is Dog Friendly.  To keep it that way, PLEASE pick-up after your pet.

***Dogs are required to be on leash at Trailhead and Parking lot areas.