TRAIL CONDITIONS: All Snowshoe Trails are Open.  Ski Trails 100% Open - groomed & tracked.  All fat bike/mountain bike trails are open.  Ski and fat bike trails subject to periodic closings due to weather conditions and grooming status.

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WinMan Weekender Report

Your WinMan Weekender Report is here :::

//Fat Bike// Bike trails were groomed Tuesday night and will provide a very good ride. However, with sunny skies and temps reaching near 40 we recommend riding in the morning and with a tire pressure of no more than 5 psi. If the trails become soft and tires are leaving ruts they will be closed to preserve a flat riding surface.

//Snowshoe// Snowshoe trails were groomed with the drag Tuesday night. They will be in excellent condition this weekend.

//Ski// All ski trails were groomed this past Monday after receiving about 2” of new snow. We will refresh the skate lanes Friday afternoon/evening and reset tracks where necessary. The ski trails will be in very good condition this weekend but be prepared for changing conditions throughout the day as temperatures rise.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend plans in the “Nort Woods”

And as always, please remember to pick up after your pet.


  • 11 Miles of Flow Trails
  • Designed For All Abilities


  • 15 Miles of Trail
  • Rolling Terrian


  • 20k (12+ Miles) of Trails
  • Wax Bench in Chalet
  • Skate & Classic Trails


  • 5 Miles of Trails
  • Groomed & Ungroomed (Kid Friendly)

WinMan Trails is Dog Friendly.  To keep it that way, PLEASE pick-up after your pet.