TRAIL CONDITIONS: Bike trails are open and in great shape.

Mountain Bike Trails

Go with the flow! We currently have over 11 miles of
machine-built flow trails and are still growing. The majority of our trails are designed for all levels of riders with features that can be safely navigated by novice riders or ridden aggressively by advanced riders. More technical features, located to the side of the main trails, keep advanced riders entertained and give novice riders the opportunity to improve their skills when they feel they are ready.


Berms - both climbing and descending including our largest affectionately known as the ‘Toilet Bowl’.

Rollers - a series of dirt mounds spaced the perfect distance apart.

Tabletops - a safe type of gap jump that’s filled in with dirt between the up and down ramp.

Drops - an area where the trail drops down - like going off a small cliff. No worries, the ‘cliffs’ are never more than 6-8” and can be easily rolled over on any size bike.

Dual slalom - new in 2017 is the Twins Trail, a side-by-side gravity flow trail that allows you to challenge your buddy to see who can get to the bottom the quickest.

Fat Biking - The majority of our bike trails are groomed in the winter for fat bike riding.


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Thursday, May 17th
Trails are currently open and in great shape.