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Now Hiring - Marketing Specialist

Posted Saturday, May 11th 

The Marketing Specialist is responsible for developing and implementing fundraising and marketing strategies for WinMan Trails.  Key duties include program development, fundraising, marketing and advertising, and event planning and coordination.  The position also requires assisting with obtaining required approvals from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, as well as subsequent compliance reporting.  The Marketing Specialist will participate with the WinMan Board in the development of strategic plans. This position is approximately three-quarter time and reports to the WinMan Trails Managing Director, or his designate.

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Now Hiring - Summer Help

Posted Saturday, May 14th 

WinMan Trails has a summer employment opportunity assisting the Property Manager with mountain bike and cross-country ski trail maintenance, maintenance of grounds and facilities, and construction of new mountain bike trails. The position involves operating trail related and various other power equipment. Applicants must be capable of doing moderate physical labor, be able to lift up to 50 pounds, and have the ability to walk several miles on uneven terrain. Requirements include having a valid drivers license. ​The position has a flexible schedule of 30 to 40 hour per week with occasional weekend work. Compensation will take into consideration any previous, relevant experience. Anyone interested should send a resume or letter of application to ​

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